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Some say the brightest  stars burn the quickest...


In the case of Lawrence “Lo” Leathers , a drummer of extraordinary touch and superlative listening skills who was loved and lauded by many, from his humble Michigan beginnings to the heights of New York City, onto the international Jazz Scene of Paris and beyond, he certainly shone his light broadly upon all who crossed his path.

From being selected out of high school to join Julliard School of Music, to traversing the nightly New York Jazz Scene, until completing his journey after  having  won 2 Grammy awards along the way, he certainly left his mark and left us much too soon at only 37 years of age.

Join us in celebrating his musical and spiritual memory on this evening, either in person or via livestream, as we salute his contribution to our musical Artform, and the legacy he plans to leave behind in “paying it forward” to the next generation.


A pair of  Memorial Concerts celebrating the life and musical contribution that Lawrence Leathers made to the jazz and wider community takes place on Monday, 3rd February,  2020 at Dizzy's Club, at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, and at the Duc des Lombards in Paris France on the same day . The official launch of The Lawrence Leathers Foundation will coincide with these events.

Over 70 international Jazz Artists are  scheduled to perform including: Wynton Marsalis, Cecile Mclorin Salvant, Aaron Diehl, Captain Black Big Band, Ashton Moore, JC Stylles, Dominic Farinacci, Johnny O'NeaL, Spike Wilner, Ian Hendrickson Smith, Nate Lucas, George Delancey,  Nickel & Dime Ops, Fred Nardin, Jon Boutellier, Hermon Mehari, Hugo Lippi, Kirk Lightsey and many more ! This event will be live streamed by both Jazz at Lincoln Center and Duc des Lombards, and can both be accessed from this page on the day with the links provided below !


                                                                              $5 SUGGESTED MIN DONATION

 Watch "Hommage to Lawrence Leathers" Livestreamed from Duc DesLombards      

  in Paris here(7.30 pm Paris time/1.30 pm NYC time)



   Click THIS link to Watch Lawrence Leathers Memorial Concert Replay from Dizzy's Club at Jazz at Lincoln Center NYC                                                                                                                              















  Hosted by Sheila Anderson & JC Stylles

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