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Part of our "Pay It Forward" Initiative, The L3 Foundation is striving to raise funds so that a portion of our proceeds go towards "The Lawrence "Lo" Leathers Scholorship & Endowment Award "; which will be used to awarding and providing various scholarships for kids K-12, as well as students at the collegiate level, who have a passion and desire to grow their talents and interests, and to seek a higher education and/or career in the Performing Arts Sector.



Does the school your  child attends need musical instruments for effective growth?

School budgets these days are notorious for cutting arts funding first; especially in the public school sector. Find out how L3 can help in this regard by contacting us today!



You can contribute to the L3 Foundation directly at a push of a button. We accept your contributions via Paypal, and you can choose to donate anonymously or  with L3 acknowledgement as you prefer, knowing either way, your Tax deductible contribution is going to enrich tomorrow's talent !



Become a volunteer at one of our L3 events, and experience world class performances, whilst helping spread the word and build the community of the L3 Foundation. Contact us today to find out more on how you can help !


Did you study music as a child, and can still remember the joy it gave you? Just because you have moved on into another vocation on graduation  doesn't mean you have to shortchange other students from the experience of the Arts! Studying Music and the Arts has shown benefits to developing problem solving and cognitive functions above and beyond just the regular curriculum. Become a Corporate Donor today to the L3 Foundation, so we can help facilitate your goodwill towards the Arts. Contact us today for more information.

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