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 On June 2nd, 2019, The Leathers Family, Friends and the local and global community was devastated with the tragic loss of 2-Time Grammy Award Winning Jazz Drummer Lawrence Benjamin Leathers; or as he was most commonly known “Lo”. While Lo’s death is still difficult for us to accept or understand, his legacy and spirit will live on with us forever.  To honor his memory, legacy and the spirit of who he was and all he wanted to accomplish, His family and friends have established “L3; The Lawrence Lo Leathers Foundation”. 


At the age of 7, Lawrence found an outlet for the difficulties he faced in life within music; often referring to his passion for the drums as “lifesaving”.  Through playing the drums in church, marching band, jazz band and throughout his adolescent years, Lawrence became motivated to one day use his talents to play professionally. So at that young age, he began mastering his craft and taking the steps needed to accomplish his dream.  


With traveling the world and two Grammy Awards as an accomplished jazz drummer playing for Cecile McLorin Salvant and The Aaron Diel Trio; For One To Love (2015) & Dreams And Daggers (2018)


Lawrence never forgot his humble beginnings which gave him the desire to help children and adults like himself find their creative outlet through music and other forms of art and creative expression.


The L3 Foundation will follow the path that Lawrence himself laid out by helping to educate, mentor and provide the necessary tools and resources needed for children and adults who are in need of a positive outlet.  Through fundraisers, scholarships and community services,  the L3 foundation will use the performing arts to give a voice and realization to the dream that Lawrence had of helping and giving back.


  As the foundation grows, we will look for other altruistic opportunities outside of the performing arts to help other at-risk youth and adults to find a positive and productive way to learn, grow and to prepare for and be productive members in society.

 We’re using the tragic death of a legend as motivation to mold the next generation of Grammy winners, Contributors in our communities and the Leaders of tomorrow.


Many children and adults may have felt they didn’t have realistic goals or dreams to accomplish because they didn’t have the proper means support system to find their voice or paths in life. However, these same individuals; youth and adults alike, will now have that opportunity with the help of the L3 foundation, while being guided by the passion and desire of Lawrence Lo Leathers. 

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