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Legends Don't Die...

The Lawrence "Lo " Leathers Performing Arts Scholarship Award


The L3 Foundation takes pride in knowing that it is making strides to help provide educational opportunities for youth and adults that are aspiring to seek a higher education in the Performing Arts.  

Our Mission is to be able to provide scholarship assistance for talent that has expressed a desire to  continue to build on their natural skills, and further develop their abilities  via  advanced studies in their discipline, whether it be at a specific school, or with a specialized professional instructor for private tutorial lessons,  and other related opportunities.

Lawrence "Lo" leathers was himself selected and invited to study at the prestigious Juilliard School of Music in Manhattan, New York City in his formative years, where he further built on his talents before leaving and finally honing them on the bandstand nightly, resulting in him touring  and appearing at major jazz festivals worldwide, culminating in winning 2 consecutive Grammy's with acclaimed singer Cecile Mcloren Salvant.

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